About us

Synthesis Graphic Solutions is an advertising and design studio, established in 1995. Initially the studio provides graphic design and branding for clients from Bulgaria, Greece, Russia, Romania, France etc.

Somewhere in 2004 the studio creates its first website. A lot of requests for web sites follow from present and newcomer customers.

Business'es growing needs inculcate specialization in new forms of visual communications. Initially in development, maintenance and hosting of websites, and later in digital marketing - Search Engine Optimization, content management, social media, analytics, consultancy etc.

Every company's identity materials are everywhere - the logo, the website, the outlets, the packaging, the advertising materials and the stationary. All of them have to be adequate that much to achieve the brand's success.The mission of Synthesis Graphic Solutions is to provide A-Z advertising and marketing to companies and organizations, thhus they will succeed in communication with their partners and send them the right messages.