Synthesis is a multi-service advertising studio, established 1995.

Our services?
Everything for the visual and corporate identity of any business. And because visual identity is the base of any business, we've been studying visual communication theories and design principles for years to help our customers communicate with customers.

Graphic design
Brand identity - logo design, promotional materials design, complete visual identity.

Commercial photography
Thanks to our 30 years of experience and the use of high quality equipment (DSLR cameras, high-end lenses, studio lighting, etc.), we provide professional photography services for business: shooting objects for advertising purposes, promotional and product photos with a message to the user, shooting in a studio or other concept-friendly environment..

Branding of places, vehicles. Exterior and interior signage.

Design, pre-press and printing of labels, packs, catalogs, brochures, flyers, posters, business cards, etc.

Web design
Development and support of commercial and personal websites. E-commerce systems development and support.

Digital marketing
Online advertising, SEO optimization, Social media marketing etc.

Our customers:
Our customers are manufacturers, retailers, small shops, companies offering various services, distributors, sales representatives, etc.

The prices:
The prices of our services are below the market average. We always offer various options compliant to the specification and the budget.

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